Keep Your Instrument Handy

“Stringed Instruments Are Works of Art & Should Be Displayed”


FACT: If your instrument is handy, easily taken off the wall, you’ll
play more often, even if you
only have a few minutes!

Below are photos of numerous styles of Instrument Wall Hangers that I make and sell. Most of them show instruments hanging in them, safely and securely. If you are interested in any of them, use the contact tab in the site navigation menu and I’ll send you pricing and delivery arrangements. I use the very secure PayPal for all transactions to insure proper invoicing and shipping records. Prices shown below don’t include shipping.

             $15                                 $30                                  $20

            $20                                 $15                                     $15  

            $35                                 $30                                     $30  



"Playing music with others is the ultimate team sport cause everybody has the ball all the time!"
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