Accomplishing Musical Goals

There are various approaches for studying and learning to play music. It will be absolutely rewarding and fulfilling when you get onto that right path for you, and you start learning to play, or improving your existing skill.


This is the time honored, tested way of learning most skills. Some need the “pressure” of an upcoming lesson to keep them on task, i.e. practicing. I always tailor lessons to the individual student’s musical interests, goals, sensitivity to pressure while all the time asserting the learning goals I know must be stressed. The universal learning goals for all players of all musical genres are manual skill, ear training, and basic music theory. 

Consultation Sessions:

Regular lessons are not always the best approach for many folks due to life schedules, life-style, or just one’s preferred learning style. Intermediate to advanced students often have one particular issue or topic they’re focusing on or struggling with and only need an occasional consultation session. This affords extended practice and application time in between sessions. Consultation sessions can allow a student to benefit more from a possible next consultation.

Seminars & Classes:

Some folks just love learning with & around others and the topics for single session seminars or multi-week class sessions are numerous. Listed below are a few of my most popularsuccessful group events.

  • “Pickin’ On The Beatles”: Playing the great songs of the Fab Four is on almost every musician’s bucket list. I was playing back there & then and I can take you back in song and with endless trivia. This one day seminar is always fun for one & all.
  • “Blues.Org”: (not a website) That’s org for organized. It’s a guided, instructional, jam session using great traditional blues tunes as well as some that are new and unfamiliar. The goal is for students to learn or better understand the genre and the numerous techniques for rhythm and lead playing that make blues so much fun.
  • “De-Mystifying  Jazz”: Sometimes referred to as ‘The musicians music’, jazz can be intimidating to many players as it seems way too hard to play. NEWS-FLASH! It’s not that difficult! All you need is the ability to bar a few basic chord forms and to learn how to “tweak” some basic music theory.

These seminars or short classes are limited to five students at a time and get scheduled whenever I get enough interest in any particular subject  Use the Contact tab in the navigation menu to learn more, ask questions, and suggest topics.

"Playing music with others is the ultimate team sport cause everybody has the ball all the time!"
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