In Just Six Short Weeks,

You Can Make Massive Progress in Your Mandolin Playing! 


Master the fretboard patterns and shapes used by the greatest mandolin players and get to know all the essential music theory!

  • Quickly transition into intermediate and advanced mandolin playing and play all music styles.
  • Enjoy participating in jam sessions with great confidence!
Enroll in Fretboard Success NOW!
  • Wouldn’t you like to stand out at the “jam session” as a good player even if you don’t recognize every tune that pops up?

  • Imagine how you would feel if you could easily play a variety of music without spending years of learning different repertoire?
  • Think of the freedom you would have if you understood all the essential music theory for intermediate and advanced mandolin playing without spending years at Berklee College of Music learning them!

  • What if an accomplished player showed you how to quickly and easily master ALL the essential patterns and shapes of the mandolin fretboard?

If you spend your time with the mandolin only learning tunes and techniques, there's a big chance it's going to take you a lot of time until you've reached the level of playing that you're aiming for. 


It’s time to take the fast track to ADVANCED mandolin playing


 If you’re like the MANY mandolin players, YOU…

✅ Are not very familiar with basic music theory like intervals, chord functions, and transposing.

✅  Don’t feel totally comfortable using the upper part of the neck

✅  Have difficulty playing certain keys such as Bb, Eb, and F#.

✅  Started playing mandolin without the guidance of a competent teacher.

✅  Are not sure how the pros play any chord or scale on different locations of the neck.

✅  Are stuck in your progress and are not sure what to do to push forward today.

✅  Stay silent when there’s a tune you haven’t played before in the jam session. 

✅  Are mind blown while watching the mando wizards on YouTube, and your left with the feeling...” I can never do that!”

✅ Have some difficulties when it’s your turn to take the solo.

If you can identify with any of the above-mentioned, I believe that fretboard knowledge is your
KEY to MAJOR PROGRESS in playing your mandolin. 


This is precisely why I've created

the Fretboard Success Program! 

I believe Fretboard knowledge is the greatest KEY to achieving monumental success in your mandolin playing. It’s the secret to boosting your performance, expeditiously making you a more confident, relaxed and wide-ranging musician overall.


That’s why I'm so excited to help you make 2022 the year that you will take your mandolin playing to the next level and make sure you’re filled with the critical fretboard knowledge needed to help you thrive for years to come! 


NOW is your chance to learn this crucial skillset from an accomplished player and...

NOW is the perfect time to go on this journey with like-minded people!


Here’s what professional knowledge of the fretboard will do for you:


😀Help you understand and play familiar tunes.

😀Let you compose your own music more effortlessly.

😀 Make you stand out as a front row player at the jam session without you recognizing every tune that pops up!

😀 Simplify the act of improvising.

😀 Let you make your own musical arrangements.

😀 Let you speak the language of musicians, making communication far simpler.

😀Allow you the musical freedom to play a variety of music.


“Improvisation is just a very fast compositional form."


“Improvisation is just a very fast compositional form."


Let me show you the mandolin fretboard’s essential patterns and shapes,
so you can play up the neck and make smooth melodic transitions and position shifts in your playing.


✅  I want you to be comfortable in any key so you can find the right chords for your back up and the right scales for your solos. 


✅  You will know the entire fretboard notes once and for all, so that you can use them as vital reference points for playing your melody and chords.


✅  I want you to know how to play any chord on the mandolin and how to play different inversions of the same chord, using the entire fretboard.


✅  Play beautiful arpeggio lines, from the first position into up-the-neck runs that make you stand out in the jam session!


✅  Lastly, you’ll grasp the relationship between the notes, scales, chords, and arpeggios, so that you can transpose and perform your songs in different keys.

The Fretboard Success program will give you the right skill set to immensely improve your playing,
making you a more broadened musician with far more possibilities.

You will experience more musical freedom and confidence when you master these trade secrets.

They are your KEY to playing all styles of music and joyfully participating in jam sessions.

Here’s What You Get Inside My Fretboard Success Private Group Coaching Program for 6 weeks.

  • Fretboard Success-Online Video Course, 6 modules (dropped once a week)
 Each module consist of approx. 10 video lessons. Lifetime Access
  • 6 sessions of Live Group Coaching (one each week)

Starting on April 4th, 2022, here's the program break down:

At registration - Fretboard Success Game Plan 

If you don't feel fully comfortable in jam situations and are a little nervous about the idea of jumping in and playing any style of music today, it's because you haven't mastered the essential music theory, and you don't know the fretboard’s necessary patterns and shapes. 

We lay out the framework of the program at registration, and uncover the secret weapon of the pro players...the mental fretboard!


Module 1: Playing up the neck & Naming the Notes

If you’ve ever struggled with playing up the fretboard neck and come across songs and phrases that are major position playing challenges for you, it’s because you don’t see the fretboard in the right way. More than likely you are making things more complicated than necessary and that is due to a lack of understanding the fretboard’s symmetrical anatomy.

I’ll show you how to find all the fretboard notes and their lovely symmetry in just 1 week. You will learn the entire fretboard and nail you anchor points once and for all which is crucial for playing up the neck.

Module 2 - Intervals and Closed Position Playing

If playing a closed position is one of the things you don't feel confident about and you don't know the right fingerings for a certain scale or arpeggio, it's because you don't know how to interpret and use Intervals. Intervals are the most fundamental relationship between musical notes that create scales, chords, and melodies as well as the foundation necessary to understand and familiarize them. 

During week 2, I’ll teach you a secure method for understanding intervals, the smallest component of the melodic and harmonic relationship. To explain and uncover this knowledge, we will use the mandolin fretboard. And I’ll show you the 2 fingerings you need to be able to master, for closed position playing. This will simplify your up-the-neck playing by excluding all the random patterns.

Module 3 – Chords

Did you ever come across a cord that looks like this Ebm(b5), and you were like...??? I don't know what the h**l that is, so how do I play it properly? Or have you ever wondered if there is any easier way to play the F chord?

Guess what? That's just a few of the many chords that you will have a crystal-clear understanding of during the 2nd week of training. 

In week 3, you will learn how to play any chord on the mandolin and how to play different inversions of the same chord, using the entire fretboard.

Module 4 - Harmony

Have you ever felt confused listening to musicians talking about Tonic chords, Subdominant chords, Harmonized scales, 2-5-1's, and transposing? And what are all those roman numbers used in chord charts?

In week 4, you’ll get a deep understanding of chord relationships, and how we use the I, III, V, VII system to make it quick and effortless for soloing and transposing.

Module 5 - Arpeggios

You are at the jam session, and it's your turn to take the solo, Now go!!! 

Ah…. We've all been there! Suddenly, you feel your shoulders and hands tense up, your mouth gets panic and your so-called solo sounds more like a sloppy attempt to play a scale.

Having a solid knowledge of arpeggios and chord tones is the key to outlining a chord change and making solo lines that stick. In this Module you’ll learn how to play beautiful arpeggio lines from the first position to the up-the-neck-runs that will help you stand out at the jam session! 

By week 5’s end, you’ll know the six most essential arpeggios for 

intermediate and advanced mandolin playing.

Module 6 - Modes

You know the frustration of hearing some musicians using old Greek words: Dorian, Lydian, Phrygian, Locrian, and you feel stupid because these expressions don't tell you a d*n thing…

At this stage of the program, it will be effortless for you to learn and memorize all seven modes. And of course, you’ll also learn how to play them like a fretboard wizard during week 6. That’s key to playing advanced songs and improvising more freely.

6 Weeks of Group Coaching

We’ll get together for a live video call every week to do some live training and hang out together. 

It’s also your opportunity to ask me (Magnus) your questions, and gain inspiration and clarity for your own play. 

The group coaching call is a live video call, so you can participate with your camera and mic, or just watch and interact through the chatbox. It’s your decision!

We keep the calls at 7 pm CEST (1 pm EDT - New York) on Thursdays.

You can, of course, watch the replay if you can't attend the call live and you can presubmit your questions. 

Taking a BIG step on your mandolin journey is as easy as 1... 2... 3...!

Enroll in Fretboard Success NOW!


Don't think you have time to learn this... then you’ve missed the point! 


After learning this...EVERYTHING related to mandolin player will be easier, more relaxed and faster.

Learn new songs, compose tunes, arrange harmonies, and come up with alternative chord sequences, for example.


A reflection on time, music, and gardening.


I like to think of your musicality and playing skillset as a garden. Always growing, ever developing, and evolving every day. 

Planting a new oak tree, a beautiful rose, or whatever you want to grow will take time and effort. However, once it’s planted in the soil, all it needs is sun, water and care. 

It’s the same concept for your mandolin skills. 

Once you’ve done the work to plant the intervals, the arpeggios, the chord inversions in your mandolin garden, the heavy lifting is done! Now, if you’ll play music, have fun and be creative, that is the sunshine and water for your musicality, now it will flourish and develop over time!


Just in case you may think that you are not TALENTED ENOUGH or TOO OLD to learn this complicated stuff... 


Let me ask you this:

🤔Can you count to 12?

🤔 Can you read and write the first 7 letters of the alphabet?

🤔Can you read and understand this text?


You’re Qualified!!! :-) It’s not rocket science; I will teach you. 

Just follow my system, do the steps, one by one and I assure you this time... you'll get it!


IF you believe music theory is a very boring thing and it takes away the magic of music, here is one of my core beliefs...


Music is a soulful art that can create magic. However, learning the mandolin is not magical at all. There are several things that you need to learn and practice through, as MASTERY is best approached as a craft. When we fill your toolbox with all the proper knowledge of the fretboard, you’ll experience so much more artistic freedom. And that’s when the MAGIC really happens! 


What Some of My Happy and Successful Students Have to Say!

Jim Wrathall, Oregon, USA

Magnus’ focus on establishing a good foundation has done wonders. His methods have opened up the whole fretboard, not just the first 5 frets.

Cindy Forslev, Oregon, USA

I never thought I could play mandolin leads over swing/jazz tunes until I started watching Magnus’s videos. He breaks down these amazing moveable licks and explains how they work.

Mike De Jong, Japan

I love Magus' playing and teaching. He's one of the best on the internet.

Ron Uhle, USA

 "My playing has improved especially with chords, speed and learning the notes on the fretboard…*

"How Much Does The Fretboard Success Program cost?”

I asked my community:

Honestly, do you use the notes above the 7th fret?

Steffen answered:

-Well, I'd paid for the whole neck, why should I not use it?


😀 I Love That! 


It also leads me to something that I find so curious...I often see amateur musicians spending $600 on a decent mandolin, but they don't feel comfortable spending the same amount on the proper education. And I also see people with the same mindset spending up to $5,000 on a mandolin and not wanting to spend a fraction of that price on education.

I'm the total opposite! I’m playing a $3500 mandolin however; I’ve spent 20 times that amount learning how to play it. :-)


The value of the 2 core elements of the program are:

  • Fretboard Success - Online Video Course ($597 value)
  • 6 weeks of coaching ($497 value)

Total value: $1094

“If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to play your instrument well.”

“We are music makers, not instrument owners.” 

This is your chance to learn the critical skillset of fretboard knowledge from me so that you can skyrocket your learning curve in little time. 

Now is your chance to learn this vital skillset from an accomplished mandolin player without going month after month to expensive one-on-one lessons!

You can get registered today for only 3 payments of $197 or pay in full and save.  
To enroll in the program with a one-time payment, it's yours today for just $497.

And by the way, that's not all!

You’ll get the following BONUSES as well!

Bonus #1: Private FB Group during our 6-week coaching ($497value)

It’s very challenging to learning the mandolin fretboard by yourself. There's are many different things we must master, and this is best approached as a craft.

It's kind of like you've never been to the gym, and you’re going there trying to figure it out by yourself. 


Instead, wouldn't it be cool to be a part of a group and go through this together, more like a class. That's what will happen inside this private Facebook group, to which I'll give you access.

This group is only for the progressing mandolin players who want to increase their knowledge of the fretboard. That means the only people in the group will be players at your level looking to improve their mandolin skills, just like you! So, you’re going to be around like-minded people.

In our private Facebook Group, we will be connected during the 6-week plan. Here, we can post videos, tips, and questions. We make sure that we do whatever we can working together through this program with inspiration and clarity.

Bonus #2: How to Play Fast! ($197 value)

"Here's a bonus that I'm very proud of and I know that you're going to love it!"

As an intermediate and advanced mandolin player, you must master to be able to play fast. And so, my most asked question is:

How do you practice to be able to play fast?


In this BONUS training I will give you my best advice and tips for playing faster AND, not only will you have my tips, but I’ll also provide some of my famous colleague’s answers to these questions, exclusively for you

  • Jazz mandolin genius, Aaron Weinstein
  • Bluegrass mandolin star, David Benedict

Here’s a unique opportunity to learn from some of the most brilliant and innovative mandolin players in the world! 

I get very inspired by hearing their thoughtful advice, and I know you’ll be inspired as well. These videos are exclusively for Fretboard Success students only.

Bonus #3: Your Customized Mandolin Setup Guide ($197 value)

Have you ever wondered if you're having trouble playing because you haven't set up your mandolin properly? This is actually a very common mistake I see amongst beginners.


You may be setting up your bridge incorrectly, perhaps you have the wrong action for your strings or maybe your strings are worn out?

If this is the case.... this training is for you! 

Your Customized Mandolin Setup Guide will show you exactly how-to setup your mandolin and customize it to suit your playing style.

Bonus #4: One month in the Mandolin Secrets Academy ($25 value) 

After your completed program, you’ll receive a FREE 1-month membership in the Mandolin Secrets Academy (MSA). 


In MSA you'll have 24/7 access to a wide library of mandolin repertoire, exercises, etudes, and step-by-step courses. While inside this community you'll be connected to me (Magnus) and hundreds of mandolin enthusiasts from all over the world!

Bonus #5: Magnus Zetterlund Signature Hense Pick ($29 value)

This is my favourite mandolin pick that produces a bell clear tone. For me it has the the perfect balance between shape, material and thickness.


It’s a big triangular pick made of an industrial plastic with a superb tonal quality. The thickness is 1,4 mm.

I believe every mandolin player should try it!

When you sign up to Fretboard Success, you will get a free pick shipped directly to your mailbox.

Here’s a quick recap of everything you’ll receive:

  • Fretboard Success Course - Lifetime Access ($597 value)
  • 6 Weeks of Group Coaching ($497 value)
  • Private FB Group ($497 value)
  • How to Play the Mandolin Fast! ($197 value)
  • Customized Mandolin Setup Guide ($197 value)
  • 1 Month in The Mandolin Secrets Academy ($25 value)
  • Magnus Zetterlund Signature Hense Pick ($29 value)

A $2,039 Total Value!  

For MSA Members
Extra Bonus: How to Play Good Tremolo! & Equipment recommendations. ($247 value)

MSA Member Bonus: How to play good tremolo! & Recommendations on Equipment ($247 value)

I would like to thank my fantastic Mandolin Secrets Academy members with this extra bonus.


As an intermediate and advanced mandolin player, you must master to play a good tremolo. And we will also take an interest in the instruments and equipment of the pro players.

That’s why I have included this training bonus! And I also had, Aaron Weinstein and David Benedict answer these 3 questions for you as well:

  • Any advice on playing a good tremolo?
  • What type of mandolin are you playing? 
  • And what picks and strings are you using?

Altogether, 6 Dynamite Videos, Exclusively for MSA Members!

Fretboard Success is the perfect accelerator for every player, and we have the ideal plan to fit every budget!


You can get started today for only 3 easy payments of $197. 

Or choose to pay in full, with a one-payment and the program is yours today for only $497!

Join the Fretboard Success Program Today and Take the Fast Track to Intermediate and Advanced Mandolin Playing! 

Just Choose Your Payment Option Below to Begin!



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“I know this program works so well that I can give you my personal guarantee;

I guarantee that during these six weeks you’ll have more progress in playing your mandolin than you’ve had over the past six months!” 

And I’ll back it up with a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Your Investment is Fully Backed by Our 30 Day Money-Back GUARANTEE!

When you join the Fretboard Success Program you are fully protected by our 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee. We’re confident that our content is valuable for all players, but if you follow the course and attend the coaching calls and still don’t feel that you’ve received value or if you’re not satisfied with the quality of the content, simply email your request within your first 30 days, to [email protected] and we'll send you a prompt refund. 

No Questions Asked!

- Magnus Zetterlund

Darren Lynch, Ramona,  CA

Honestly, I spent over  $4000 in lessons in 3 years (2011-2013) in a local music store with a very talented professional mandolinist. 

I spent a minimal amount of money on your Fretboard Success 6 week class. 
I enjoyed every minute of the online learning process! 
I learned so much more in our six weeks together than I did in 3 years at the local music store. 



Chris Booth, Somerset, South West England

I have transformed from a below average intermediate player to someone with the musical understanding and tools to become a strong advanced player across.

I feel really confident that I am now becoming the player I knew I could be.

Thanks so much!

Take the fast track to intermediate and advanced mandolin playing!

Enroll in Fretboard Success NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions


Magnus Zetterlund (b.1980) is an award-winning musician and teacher from Sweden. He is one of the foremost mandolin players in the Scandinavian folk scene collaborating with top artists in Norway, Finland and Sweden. 

In 2007 Magnus became the first Swedish mandolinist to graduate from higher education when he completed his studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki.

In addition to his online teaching, he regularly leads mandolin workshops in the Nordic countries and occasionally teaches at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Since 2017, the Mandolin Secrets, YouTube channel has provided weekly inspiration and continuous value to the Mandolin World. In four years his tutorials have more than 600,000 views.

He is also creating mandolin lessons for the well-known, e-magazine Gypsy Jazz Secrets Magazine.

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